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The Goat Milk Soap Store
We are a family run and owned farm started in 2014. Thirsty Creek Ranch is home to LaMancha dairy goats, free ranged chickens, Goat Milk Soap, Goat Milk Cheeses and numerous farm grown fruits and vegetables. Located in old apple country of the Kansas countryside, we have a small orchard with apples, peaches, plums and pears. We offer farm fresh eggs and our own line of Goat Milk SoapGoat Milk Lotion and Lip Butters.

We moved from the city to the country in search of a better environment in which to raise our family.  Having spent the the better part of our lives in the corporate world and living in various big metropolitan cities, we wanted a change.  We felt God was calling us to a small city we had barely heard of.  Who were we to argue. 

Having started out on this new adventure, we quickly felt the desire to become more self-sufficient--in terms of providing more of our own food.  What started as a trip to the local farm store, returning with a couple dozen chickens, has turned into a much larger flock and good-sized herd of dairy goats.  We quickly realized that we had more milk than necessary.  While we could easily dirnk several gallons of milk a day with our large family, we realized we had an opportunity for something more.  Thus was the start of our goat milk soap endeavour.  Our ultimate goal is to become as close to self sufficiency as possible, while teaching our 8 children how to live off of the land and utilize all that has been provided to us.

Every product and every package is made by our hands here on our farm.  From the animal care, animal birthing, milking, making, packaging and labeling; our hands do it all.  Everything is handmade and will be entirely unique in its own way.  It's our little way of providing something uniquely special just for you.  Label a little crooked?  Probably a little one learning a new task.  Swirl in your bar of soap not so swirly?  That's probably dad doing something he's not so good at.  Either way, it's a little touch that says there is a real family, learning to make their way, on this little patch of ground the Lord has given to them.

Meet the animals behind our soap:  Meet the goats

The Goat Milk Soap Store
From all of us and all of our goats, to you